Organisation Structure

General Body of the Sansthan is apex body, which decides the policy matter, beyond the normal affairs.

Executive Committee, having Seven persons autonomous body, is constituted, for facilitating decision-making and implementation process. The Executive committee, also, installs a system of delivery of services and control mechanism, asper the policy-maker, i.e. General Body.

As per the decision of General Body, the Executive Committee has decided the following members of the SOCIETY.

  • Life Long Member,
  • General Member,
  • Institutional Member, &Associated Member
The rights and duties, of the members, are well defined.
A unique high-empowered Committee ‘PROJECT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE’ is being placed, between General Body and Executive Committee. The PROJECT
MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE can undertake the formulation of Programmes, as per policy and priority of General Body and Executive Committee.
The areas of PROJECT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE are formulation of questionnaires, feasibility study, Programme formulation and strategies for Programme implementation and Programme Performation Evaluation and Corrective measures, for high programme impact.